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Happy Spring Everyone. The highly anticipated Victoria Sketch Club Painting Show is only 10 days away. Over 30 artists will be displaying their work at the Glenlyon School gym at 1701 Beach Ave. The show opens on Tues. March 14 at 7:00 and runs Wed. March 15 to Saturday March 18 from 10:00 - 7:00 pm, Sunday from 10:00 to 4:00.

I also have a solo show at the Cedar Hill Recreation Centre Coffee Shop Gallery, running from April 5th to 19th, recreation centre hours. Recent work can be viewed

Dear Friends

You are invited to a reception on Nov. 20, 1 - 3 pm in the lounge at Langham Court Theatre. Shelby Assenheimer and myself will be exhibiting our paintings from Nov. 16 to Dec. 3 with viewings from 12 - 4 daily and during the performances. It would be lovely to see you and catch up on the past few months now that the busy summer has retreated and a more relaxed fall is upon us.

On Saturday, October 1 I will be setting up a month long show of my latest work throughout the lobby and dining room at the Coast Harborside Hotel, 146 Kingston, near Fisherman's Wharf. I hope to be painting in the lobby area noon to 5 pm on Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays. I will have a selection of wax and watercolor pieces priced for Christmas gift giving. Please drop in if you are in the area. It is always wonderful to see patrons and friends. You can have a sneak peak at

I would like to invite you all to our garden, 3735 Ascot Drive on the 21st and 22nd (10:30 - 4:00) for the annual Scattered Artists Open Studio tour. This year I will be supporting the Ruhija orphanage in Uganda having visited there earlier this year when we were trekking for gorillas in Rwanda and also visiting Uganda to see the Chimpanzees. There are approx. 160 kids being looked after in very dire conditions and could use a little help with funding for clean accessible water, school supplies and teachers etc. I will have a poster board with some photos of the children and the orphanage itself. Lots of smaller art pieces (on a donation basis) will be available as well as heavily discounted large works. The 1/2 acre garden will be full of art and I hope you will come out and support this event. Latest artwork can be viewed at

(posted on 13 Apr 2016)

Recently I had been asked how I go about starting and executing a painting, especially a representational painting. In this case a very good photo is absolutely necessary. It is important to be able to see the eyes and the points of light in the eyes as well as the direction and shading of the fur. So the first step is to transfer the rough drawing to the canvas. I gridded out the image and applied graphite to the back of the paper so that I could get the eyes, nose and mouth right. The first image is the photo I worked with. The second image is the initial wash of darks and lights and approximate local color.

The next step is to get a rough idea of the direction of the fur and start some of the detail such as the eyes, nose and mouth. Next I roughed in a background that I thought was complimentary to the amber color fur and intensified the lights and darks.

Next, I added more detail such as the whiskers, highlights, completed the background and corrected the color of the fur, eyes, etc. I paid attention to the little things such as the little patch of dark fur at her mouth and the wavy fur on her ears. As this was a commission I was particularly careful about what makes this dog unique.

(posted on 28 Feb 2016)

I hope everyone survived the winter unscathed and looking forward to glorious spring. I just returned from a trip to Rwanda and Uganda where we did treks to see the wild mountain gorillas in Rwanda and chimpanzees in Uganda. It was a fabulous trip. There is nothing more thrilling than to gaze into the amber eyes of these magnificent primates at 8 feet. The 5 hour slog in the mud up the volcanoes certainly enhances the experience. I am hoping to paint some of my impressions of these two beautiful countries sometime soon.

I will be participating again this year in the Victoria Sketch and Painting Show which will be held in the Glenlyon Norfolk School Gymnasium, 1701 Beach Drive, March 15 - 20. Opening Reception is Tues, Mar. 15 from 7 - 9 pm. Show hours are Wed. Mar. 16 - Sat. Mar. 19 from 10 - 7 and Sun, Mar. 20 from 10 - 4.

I hope you will all be able to make this very well attended art show as there will be over 100 paintings exhibited as well as many drawings and sketches.

(posted on 27 Jan 2016)

Happy New Year to all my dear friends and patrons. I wish you all the best for 2016. I have kicked off the new year with a whole new collection of paintings at the Coast Harborside Hotel along with 6 other wonderful artists. The art work is displayed throughout the lobby, dining room and bar area. If you are in the neighborhood or having lunch or dinner at the Blue Crab please take some time and enjoy the paintings. To tempt you to have a peek I have included a few of the new offerings. You can view my website at or send an email if you have any questions or would like to view one of the paintings.

(posted on 29 Sep 2015)

For the last two weeks I have been experimenting with encaustic wax painting. This form of art has been around since 500 BC and I can't imagine how difficult it was trying to keep the wax liquid without the invention of electric griddles and heat guns. A lot of dexterity is needed to keep the wax molten on the paint brush as you apply it to the support. Both the wax on the paint bush and the wax already applied needs to be molten for it to adhere to the layer below. So with heat gun in one hand and paint bush in the other, here are a few examples of what I have done so far.

I hope you are all enjoying the summer and that you are able to spend time with family and friends. I would like to invite you to our show at the Main Gallery at the Cedar Hill Art Centre (3220 Cedar Hill Road) where I am displaying my latest work with Peter Van Giesen. The show runs from August 5 to 19. Please come and have a peek if you are out and about.

(posted on 19 May 2015)

We had a fabulous tour this year, wonderful weather and a visit from Sue of the World Parrot Refuge Centre in Coombs. She brought with her Peaches, Joey and Earl Grey who were ambassadors for the Centre. With donations and paintings sales we were able to send them home with a little extra to help with the enormous costs of running the Refuge.

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